Methamphetamine Decontamination

Proven Expertise

Siteco will interpret your comprehensive methamphetamine laboratory report to provide you with a decontamination quote and formulate a point by point remediation plan based on over a thousand successful decontamination's.


  1. Send us your comprehensive methamphetamine laboratory report
  2. We carefully analyse the results and prepare a site-specific remediation plan. in most cases this can be formulated directly from the report.
  3. We schedule in remediation on a date that suits you
  4. You organise retesting from your original meth tester
  5. Clearance is issued in accordance with the NZ standard (NZS8510) as soon as practicable


Usually in a case where methamphetamine has been manufactured or heavily used in a property, cleaning is simply not enough to rectify the situation. Clandestine labs in particular use explosive substances that can leave kilos of highly toxic residues from fumes and chemicals that permeate walls, carpet, wood, and plaster.

Although not as harmful to health, contamination left from smoking methamphetamine is still measured against the New Zealand Ministry of Health guideline of 1.5ug (1.5 micrograms per 100cm2). There is unfortunately currently no differentiation between contamination caused by smoking and contamination caused by the manufacture process when testing specifically for methamphetamine. Being the main supplier of decontamination services to Housing New Zealand Corporation, our experienced Siteco decontamination teams are suitably trained to deal with all levels of contamination. We provide both chemical and non-chemical cleaning options.


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