Project Management & Reinstatement

Expertise & Experience

Where your property has been damaged by natural disaster or malicious damage it is important to utilise the services of a contractor who specialises in remediation.

The value in utilising Siteco’s licensed tradesmen is that we are are constantly looking towards the next part of the process. This involves thinking ahead to ensure a smooth transition into reinstatement.

If building materials need to be removed as part of the cleanup and we are dealing with a homeowner directly, Siteco can also offer renovation guidance. Often a bad situation can be the best time to add value to a home through something as simple as insulating walls, installing heat systems or upgrading a kitchen or bathroom.

If you need simple reinstatement or are after end-to-end project management, we can help you.


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    • Industrial Cleaning Services
      Siteco has the tools and the attitude to manage the ongoing maintenance of your industrial property.
    • Residential Demolition & Soil Scraping
      Along with cost effect residential demolition and Soil Scraping services Siteco offer unrivaled customer service.
    • Project Management & Reinstatement
      Siteco can manage a part of your project, or the entire thing. Just let us know your unique requirements.
    • Fire Restoration
      Siteco can safely and professionally assess, repair, clean or remove materials damaged through the unfortunate event of a fire.
    • Flood & Mould Remediation
      It is important to act fast when flooding or water damage has occurred. Siteco can dry the affected area, as well as remediate any damage.
    • Construction Site Preparation
      New Zealand has a shortage of builders. Siteco can offer you skilled labourers to prep sites for construction work.
    • Methamphetamine Decontamination
      Siteco has successfully decontaminated over 1000 meth affected homes. Contact us with your report for a quote today.