Residential Demolition & Deconstruction


The traditional demolition landscape has changed. And it still has a long way to go. Siteco has a strong focus on environmental sustainability and aims to recycle or salvage as many materials as possible. Diverting materials from landfill is a growing focus of the central government and the New Zealand public. For this reason, Siteco is constantly on the look out for salvage and recycling partnerships. Please get in touch with us if you feel we can work together towards an even greener New Zealand.


We offer a unique point of difference in New Zealand's residential demolition market, purely by offering top-tier customer service and an efficient response time. We will prepare a quote for you within 48 hours of you contacting us and most importantly, we will be onsite to do the job when we say we are going to be. Siteco can manage every step of the process and having all of our machinery in-house means there are no costly delays.

We offer affordable demolition and deconstruction options for all types of residential sites including garage and retaining removal. Whether you are planning redevelopment, your house has been damaged through fire or you require partial structure removal, contact us today.


Siteco offer a range of site scraping services:

  • Top-soil scrapes for building development
  • Site levelling / clearing
  • Asbestos (ACM) contaminated soil scrapes
  • We have a range of machinery and skilled operators that can complete any task you give to us.


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    • Fire Damaged Home
      Project Management
      Siteco can manage a part of your project, or the entire thing. Just let us know your unique requirements.
    • Residential Demolition
      Residential Demolition & Deconstruction
      Along with cost effect residential demolition and deconstruction services Siteco offer unrivalled customer service.
    • Methamphetamine Testing
      Methamphetamine Decontamination
      Siteco has successfully decontaminated over 1000 meth affected homes. Contact us with your report for a quote today.