A Bird's Eye View


Not all buildings are created equally and in some cases surveying a roof or those hard to see upper sections requires costly height access provisions. Xava utilises drone technology and are able to include state of the art drone photography in our Management Survey reports, while accessing all possible areas.


In most cases when Xava is contracted to undertake asbestos surveying services for our customers, it is in preparation of the property being put on the market. Drones are increasingly being used to snap incredible aerial real estate marketing photographs. When utilising Xava’s surveying services you have the option of fulfilling one or both of these requirements.

Be sure to give any potential purchaser an unforgettable first impression.


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    • Mould & Moisture Testing
      The presence of fungal spores and mould in the home or workplace can carry real health risks if left unresolved.
    • Lead Testing
      Lead paint is extremely hazardous if it is not identified and dealt with correctly, especially prior to carrying out refurbishment work.
    • Asbestos Surveys
      Xava Consultants provide a comprehensive surveying service to check for the presence of asbestos in suspect materials. We can test single samples or complete full residential or commercial surveys.
    • Management Plans
      Do you own or manage a commercial building? The Health & Safety at work regulations were updated in 2016, meaning it is now a legal requirement to have an asbestos Management Plan in place.
    • Validation Inspection
      Xava Consultants can carry out air quality testing and visual clearance inspections to ensure no threat of asbestos contamination exists or remains after removal work has been completed.
    • Drone Photography
      Xava utilises state-of-the-art drone photography to capture imagery for building surveys and real estate agencies.