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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Statement

Anpure Group is committed to conducting business in a responsible and sustainable way. It is our objective to operate in a manner that is beneficial to all of our stakeholders, the environment and our wider community.

We recognise three key areas that contribute to corporate social responsibility: our customers; our people; and our environment.


We respect and value the things that make our staff individuals and we are committed to creating a culture of inclusion and diversity. We also promote and encourage entrepreneurial ideas that come from within the organisation. We aim to continuously improve work processes and this would not be possible without deliberate staff engagement.

We provide access to training for all staff to put them in the best position to do their job well, and fulfil their potential. We believe that supporting individual growth and development helps us attract and retain talented individuals.

Our commitment to our customers is second to none, and we recognise that we carry an immense level of trust to do our job well. It is of utmost importance to us that our customers are always satisfied with the end result and that they recognise that the way we do things has been shaped by their collective needs.

Anpure Group recognises that we co-exist with the environment around us, and the great importance of that sentiment. We operate in an industry that has seen a lack of regulation around sustainable business practice, and where compliance is at times very much optional. Therefore, it has become our fundamental objective to set the standard and do the best we can for our community and our environment.

We actively work towards minimising waste where possible. Where we can not, we ensure waste is recycled or ethically and sustainably disposed of. New Zealand's landfills are filling up fast, and the practice of burying waste is now known to be unsustainable. For this reason we aim to redirect 80% of our waste away from landfill. We actively seek out sustainable disposal methods and suppliers who are committed to this practice. Likewise, we are focused on reducing our carbon footprint and are currently carrying out our own research and development on energy efficient practices throughout our entire organisation, including electric vehicle fleet replacement options.

We recognise that we are stewards of the land and acknowledge that by operating sustainably we are helping to preserve the earth for our children and our grandchildren. If you have a community event devoted to sustainably, get in touch with us today and see if we can help by supplying complimentary hire equipment or services.

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