Asbestos Specialists

Xava Consultants specialise in the identification and management of Asbestos in property. We provide the complete service from site inspection and sampling to analysis and reporting. All assessments and recommendations are carried out in accordance with relevant NZ regulations (Health & Safety at Work 2016 Regulations) and specific site requirements. We use laboratories that are IANZ accredited, according to applicable national and international quality standards..

At Xava Consultants our surveyors have BOHS IP402 and IP404 qualifications, knowledge, and applicable experience to sample and identify asbestos. We ensure that we have specific knowledge of the task at hand and any risks that the work will involve. We demonstrate independence and use a quality management system that will minimise your risk and benefit your property.

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Xava Consulting Surveyors are knowledgeable and experienced in:

  • the types and locations of asbestos containing material (ACM)
  • eliminating and minimising asbestos exposure risks
  • correctly using, maintaining and storing personal protective equipment
  • safely using the plant and equipment needed for taking samples

Xava Consulting provide all the relevant information to our clients, including:

  • a comprehensive asbestos survey report with laboratory results
  • copies of our written procedures (including risk management and quality control policies) and references or other evidence of recent similar work
  • a written declaration which states that the surveyor can operate with independence, impartiality and integrity

The services that Anpure Consulting offer will:

  • help our clients to manage asbestos in the property
  • provide accurate information about the location, amount and condition of asbestos and ACM
  • help decide if remedial action is required

Our asbestos survey will identify all asbestos and ACM in your building and the survey information can be used to prepare a record of the location of any asbestos and to compile an asbestos management plan for the building.

Xava Consulting surveyors will ensure that:

  • all asbestos is located and identified as appropriate for the type of survey
  • the appropriate survey is conducted for the client’s needs
  • the survey is presented in a format that can be used to prepare an asbestos management plan, where applicable
  • the client is informed about how the survey fits into the process for managing asbestos risks

The key to our surveys is proper planning. We will ensure that the surveyor and the client, so far as reasonable practicable, consult, co-operate and co-ordinate the activities relating to the health and safety of all tenants and others. Our surveyors will collect all the relevant information to make sure that the survey is completed efficiently, effectively, safely, and meets our client’s requirements.


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